Season 1-3 set
This tom tom has NEVER been played. I wanted to purchase a drumset for this tom tom, but could not afford it and had no help. My current drumset is too big for this tom tom and would not look right, so it's just sitting in my closet collecting dust now. It has an attachment on the side to connect to an existing drumset. This is quality Pearl, and it's never been played on so that's why the aski...
Hi! I am a church pianist and have accumulated alot of music books over the years. They are a combination of church music and classical music that have been handed down to me. Beginners books all the way up to advanced piano. There are piano books and also organ books. If you are interested feel free to email me back at jodilynn0302@gmail.com or call me at (262) 416-3655 to come over and t...
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